Thursday, June 18, 2009


We went to see the amazing Nick Cave exhibition at the Perth museum... of course it wouldn't be a day out without wandering around the creepy taxi-fied (my word) creatures.

I love owls :) yesterday I picked up an Encyclopedia of owls for $2 with amaaazing photos.

Kodaks and Brownies and Polaroids, Oh My!

It's my dog! Almost.

I made some rather lovely friends.

So morbid, yet pretty.

Home made coffee! A nice end to a great day.

Yesterday was fairly intense- car problems- but i did find a sweet glomesh purse and the owl book, as well as a really cool dinosaur book :) I like dinosaurs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well. I finally got some new batteries for my camera, so I'm finally putting up my recent purchases/finds. I've been doing some job searching, i got my car fixed and I've of course been working, so life's a bit boring at the moment! But I'm excited about a few job possibilities and i've been watching enough LA ink to keep me inspired and happy :)
As well as reading though every ones blogs... and thinking, hmm, should probably update mine! So hear we go...

Lot's of books!

This Readers digest atlas from the 60s (or maybe 50s?) was only $4 and has some great imagery.

I thought this bird migration map was pretty sweet :)

A very cute book on making dolls from the 70's.

Including some somewhat inappropriately stereotyped dolls! (Yes, it has a how-to on gollywogs too!)

I picked up some great bird guides and some old animal encyclopedias pretty cheap- one of them still had the original poster and framing guide :P

Awesome taschen book chockablock full of pinups :) Was $35 and will be a wonderful reference book for my art.

I was very excited when i saw this very cute cover on an old book- lo and behold it was fillllled with hilariously cutesy pictures of odd cats.

huggy kitty!

hidy kitty!

naughty kitty!

ponderful kitty!


I rearranged my mantle to include my Beci Orpin pieces that i got in Melbourne last year...

This is my favourite one, with Mr fox, with some delightful S&P shakers my bfs mum gave me.

Beautiful card, I'm not sure who the designer is, but i bought it from William Top, who stock a lot of Melbourne designers. Also there is my new Bambi from eBay :)

I fell in love with this as soon as i saw it- an old pencil box. Also, it was the only thing i could afford from the antique store that i was at (go the bargain bin).

Yay for complete vintage spirograph kit! From the 70's, in great condition, it was $15 because i bought it from a vintage store, but well worth it, as i've wanted one for a verrrry long time.

I like to write lists. I also like to use this fact as a reason to buy unneccessary note books. I am clever! (DEERS, eek).

eee, squirrel. These earrings are a very cute addition to my bambi collection- although they are quite large and i'm not sure when i'll actually wear them- oh well!

Cheap cheap cups- i would like to have a stack with every colour of the rainbow. The sexy cup on the right was from my bfs gran- she's so sweet. I still have to get the back story on that one, i'm not quite sure how she came to own it!

Bang bang! This gun was pretty cheap, i think because it was attatched to a hair clip and it didn't really seem wearable. I turned it into a brooch. Shown atop of a delicously terrible bunny book.

Ho ho. I hate badges- from william topp. Mr bunny likes badges.

Beautiful tilly bloom necklace :)

cute piratey lego man brooch that my very sweet friend brought me back from melbourne... i like pirates.

Now, this photo looks a little funny. But i love my new vintage jacket, as it fits like a glove.

phew... i'm exhuasted.