Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anthropomorphism... i likes.

I do enjoy a spot of anthropomorphism in the morning...

Andrew Brandou

Dominique Mitchelson

Victorian scraps.

In other news, i'm booked in for my next tattoo :) hopefully i'll have the design ready by next week... oops. happy long weekend!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

catching up...

meet me at mikes- words and pictures: catching up...



Sunday, April 19, 2009

nifty thrifty

Hey guyyys. More thrift to share! Busy weekend for me: I volunteered with some friends to work at Blues and Roots so we got tickets to see the night acts- it was exhausting but funnn! I've been cleaning lots of my junk out of our house as well (what can i say, i'm a horder, clearly!). I've done the spare room and my bedroom- now just the kitchen and dining room (oops, that's where the majority of my thrift goes... unsorted!).

But checking everyones blogs has kept me sane :)

Also finding brownie cameras does tend to make me pretty happy!

My new teas set (okay, this wasn't thrifted!). I've been searching for one just like this for a while, so when i found this sweet set at a Vintage shop i was okay with paying a bit more... but not too much more!

Yay, my new brownie and my nally cannisters (You have no idea how long i've wanted these!).

Muahaha. I found more stoneware to match my S&P shakers. Also, the teapot is huge which is kinda handy!

The sweetest, oldest lil golden book :) I am a donkey by the way (a jenny, that is). It was my nickname at highschool, so i've kind of adopted the image.
And these images are cuuute as!

I've been busy makin some lil brooches out of puzzle pieces... quite interesting i think.

My mum bought me a real pony too... called Rufas.
I love my pony.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


just thought i'd share my fav picture of my little sister wearing the flowery docks that i bought her for easter :) not bad for a buck.

(oh, her name is actually grace :) )


Record hord

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Pip over at Meet me at Mikes does the loveliest things...
This is part of her Words and Pictures theme...

This is one of my many collections...

This is my faaaavourite (new!) bambi book. It's a big golden book from 1949. So cute!

More posts to come, just need to find the time to post them!
hope everyone had a lovely easter.