Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Photography and Set design: Ill Studio
for Jalouse magazine, 2007

Natasha Khan is beautiful and amazing.

I may have a crush on her.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tucked up in bed...

this weeks theme for words and pictures over at meet me at mikes is tucked up in bed...

I've been looking at a lot of little red riding hoods lately... there'll be more :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

some pretty pictures

photos from my polaroid (i'm still working it out!).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

dearie me

Hey guys. Long time no post... What can i say, I'm a slacker. Good news: Just got a new macbook, which is making posting a lot more pleasurable :) Thought it might be a good time to update this old thang with my new opshop finds...

I was a bit sad today, as I had been watching this baby on ebay and unfortunately it went for a bit too much for me to bid! Great though, don't you think? It's an ashtray, but i was going to use it for brooches or candy... mmm candy.

But some things i found today make up for the loss (as well as some more things i'm watching on ebay! Oh ebay, why must you be so addictive... and pretty... and oh my, my money has all but gone).

Here is part of my ever growing golden book collection, as well as a neat old book i splurged on a while ago (Creatures of the Night) with the most beautiful plates inside. Also there is my Observers Pocket series book of Wild Animals which has darling photos and some wonderfully... interesting? penguins that my mum bought me.

Inside "wild animals".

As you may have realised, i'm kind of obsessed with bambi. So I picked this book up, even though i already had the Friends of the forest golden book version- perhaps to use for craft. But it turns out it's a different cover to my older one, so that was a bonus.

Then I was absolutely elated when I found this set in a Save the Children i hadn't even realised was just around the corner from my house!

Eeek! So adorable... It's made in Japan, and i've been looking for some Japanese deer style merch for a while, especially since I saw the adorable box in this cute cute photo by one of my artistic heros Beci Orpin.

I know cameos like this are everywhere at the moment, and i know that it's highly unlikely to be very old, but it was still only $2, which beats paying $12 on Ebay. Also, check out the cute detail on the deer :)

I found three of these beautiful cherry-blossom and swallow plates about a month ago and had to buy them... i've since been raiding the local chinese grocery stores for bowls and plates with a similar theme. I thought these little dessert bowls were a cute match.

Hahaha. This was $1. I'm pretty sure i've explained that I like kitsch stuff before, because I think that as long as you recognise how ugly it is, it becomes fun. But the things that I buy still have to have character. This screamed character at me from behind the cheap dainty lady statues at my local salvos. It isn't marked, but i'm pretty sure it's an ashtray... if you know anything about it, please let me know!

I've been collecting penguin books, and this is todays hoard. My mum gave me these lovely (hehe) bookends that she made before i was born. That's skill, ma!

Now, these photos are poor quality, but i found these quite large cat prints today and knew they must be mine... everyone I love hates me for it, but I can't help my addiction for all things mass-produced and hideously kitsch! Plus, i thought these really did have character. I immediately thought of Jeff Koons when I saw them, so I was willing to pay $4 for the pair.

Last but not least, my cute donkey tea-towel from Ebay... You might recognise it from an old Frankie mag, where I think there was a similar one in somebody's kitsch tea-towel collection.
Ah Frankie.
Ah Kitsch.
Ah donkeys.
I love it all.