Thursday, June 17, 2010


new virtual pinup board


Sunday, January 17, 2010

hang on harvey!

Well. As promised, an update of some of my more interesting opshop finds as of late! Whew, about time.

One of my favourite 2nd hand stores... it's always completely cluttered, always moving around and changing, and always full of amazing surprises!

Ofcourse, as always, lots and lots of books. This is a small selection of the vintage golden books I've found over the last month, and below is a large golden book version of Snow White that matches the
Bambi one that I found last year!

Snow white books always have the best illustrations of animals! I love the little raccoon and deer especially.

More cute old books full of great illustrations...

I like his camera...

This book has the most darling illustrations. Isn't this kangaroo fantastic? Shame the actual book isn't in the best condition, but the plates are in pretty good nick.

Can you believe my boyfriend hadn't heard of Clifford the big red dog? Amazing! He's such a gorgeous character.

I'm beginning to have quite the tray collection... This crazy coloured retro flower tray is definitely a winner though.

A cheap as laminex table with sweet green chairs is now doubling as a desk (and op-shopped goodies holder!) in our back room.

This cute little pillow. Everyone else hates it. I love the little doggy and the big floppy hat.

Vintage games in awesome packaging! Hoorah. Hang on Harvey! It's hilariously good fun.

Another horrible deer print that I love to bits. And this much nicer, large wide eyed children print-

Lastly, these vintage pinup swap cards that I actually nabbed off ebay a while ago- they're pretty neat.

It's 42 degrees here. Far too hot to spend this long concentrating... Golly! Sorry I'm not more invested, I'm still pretty busy getting ready to move in to my new house. 3 weeks! Eek. And I keep on buying more things to pack!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

of collections, owls and teeny tiny houses.

I've been sitting here trying to design a tattoo for my mumma. She wants a little owl flying across her shoulder- "specifically gliding, not descending,not too stylized or kitschy, with a not too creepy face (I tend to draw pretty creepy realistic owl faces) and pretty simple shading, and it has to be teeny tiny!"
Woo-t (!), it's harder than I thought. But never fear, my friends, because I am the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to actually creating art.
So this morning I have done the washing, dishes, decluttered the bathroom (and my itunes!) and spent a lot of time looking at pictures of owls... and now I'm updating my blog. See how good I am?

Firstly, everyone should check out this blog- if you haven't already- because it is simply beautiful!

I'm a huge fan of collections. I think we all are. My favourite sections of Frankie seem to be homebodies and mantelpiece, because other peoples collections are just so awesome and interesting- and they make me feel slightly less weird about my own.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty inspired to do my own "collection a day" post on here, but I may not have enough collections! I think I would make it a once a week kinda thing, but I probably wont start until I get all my stuff unpacked at my new house next month.

However, I will keep adding to my collections... Here's some stuff I picked up on the weekend from the salvos! It's not a lot, but I also nabbed this great old teak chestofdrawers that matches my desk, but unfortunately it was put straight into storage so I can't show you.

These flash cards are pretty much my favourite thing ever. I especially love the teeny cowboys and houses.

Maybe it's because I've been staring at the picture mum wants her owl to look like, and it has a picture of a teeny tiny house painted by my uncle on it.

I sill have heaps of things to show you that i've photographed but havent blogged about... I never know if my long posts with millions of pictures are going to be a bit boring so I always put them off.
We shall see how I go this week!

P.s Oh and also, Cat Power was amazing! This week I'm going to see the Fantastic Mr Fox, and Peter Pan and Wendy performed at Kings Park, which I'm sure will be equally beautiful! Yay!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Oh haven't I been good with updating? Normally I loathe shopping for bedpreads- I find them ridiculously expensive and I can never find ones that I really really like. I was over the moon when I found this awesome retro inspired piece by Orla Kiely at Myers- although I was a bit scared by the prospect of the price tag. But it ended up being very reasonable, especially with 40% off, so I nabbed one up! Now I can't wait to get in to the new house and paint the bedroom a nice charcoal-y blue to match!

This is another of Kiely's bedspreads I found at her website- all of her products are so sweet and nostalgic, in a funky modern way. I was pretty exited to see my bedspread design as wall paper as well!

In related news, I just found an old roll of Vintage gold flowery wallpaper that I had quickly snatched up for $2.50 and then packed away and forgotten about, so I'm hoping it will be enough to cover one of the walls in my studio. No longer renting has its perks!

G'nite! xx

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twas the season

Christmas was very surprising and amazing for me this year... I really was spoiled. One of my best to date! I was very happy that I managed to find presents for everyone that I think they genuinely enjoyed.This Christmas was probably going to be the last year for a while where we have spare cash to spoil other people, so I made the most of it. I think if I have to spend less next time, I'll probably spend far more attention to wrapping, and hopefully get around to making some vintage tags.

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite presents!

My mum is pretty awesome- she loves vintage books as much as I do, so I'm surprised she parted with this one! And it's an 'IE' instead of JennY, how exciting!

A long running joke, I give my Bf Lego and he get's me Ponies. This year his Lego was pirate themed, which is just rad. We're children. We may end up with a whole room filled at our new place.

Arrested development Box set. This is definitely one of the best shows ever made, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that.

Beci Orpin Rabbit notebook. Very sweet!

Tickets to see Cat Power! I'm going on Wednesday- so awesome. And I know what I'll be taking with me-

Finally! A diana mini to call my own... Like I said... spoiled. I also got an awesome orange badge maker from my mum, so I can't wait to show you some of my results.

Didn't have tooo big a NYE due to work and tiredness, but sufficient fun was had! My NY resolution is to try really hard to find a balance this year between uni, work, social life and being healthy.

Here's hoping 2010 will be a good one!



I've been thinking of going a ruby red for a while... but I'm just too scared. I need a haircut first!
These girls are so pretty, although I think that only the first one is a natural. Why is it that red headed girls suit stripes so much better than anyone else? Jealous!

Happy New Year everyone!

Photos: fuckyeahredhair on tumblr.