Sunday, January 17, 2010

hang on harvey!

Well. As promised, an update of some of my more interesting opshop finds as of late! Whew, about time.

One of my favourite 2nd hand stores... it's always completely cluttered, always moving around and changing, and always full of amazing surprises!

Ofcourse, as always, lots and lots of books. This is a small selection of the vintage golden books I've found over the last month, and below is a large golden book version of Snow White that matches the
Bambi one that I found last year!

Snow white books always have the best illustrations of animals! I love the little raccoon and deer especially.

More cute old books full of great illustrations...

I like his camera...

This book has the most darling illustrations. Isn't this kangaroo fantastic? Shame the actual book isn't in the best condition, but the plates are in pretty good nick.

Can you believe my boyfriend hadn't heard of Clifford the big red dog? Amazing! He's such a gorgeous character.

I'm beginning to have quite the tray collection... This crazy coloured retro flower tray is definitely a winner though.

A cheap as laminex table with sweet green chairs is now doubling as a desk (and op-shopped goodies holder!) in our back room.

This cute little pillow. Everyone else hates it. I love the little doggy and the big floppy hat.

Vintage games in awesome packaging! Hoorah. Hang on Harvey! It's hilariously good fun.

Another horrible deer print that I love to bits. And this much nicer, large wide eyed children print-

Lastly, these vintage pinup swap cards that I actually nabbed off ebay a while ago- they're pretty neat.

It's 42 degrees here. Far too hot to spend this long concentrating... Golly! Sorry I'm not more invested, I'm still pretty busy getting ready to move in to my new house. 3 weeks! Eek. And I keep on buying more things to pack!


  1. Cutest books ever! And don't worry, *I* like your cushion too! The illustration of the deer licking the plate is ADORABLE :) And yes, I had that very same problem (that of buying more opshop goodies and having to pack them all away).

  2. What an awesome haul. 'The Prize' has the nicest illos!

  3. Love those trays what a great find to add to a collection.

  4. What an awesome haul. 'The Prize' has the nicest illos!

  5. Great finds. I also am pretty impressed with your tray collection. Never too many I say.