Thursday, September 17, 2009

tats it...

Busy few weeks, moving house, planning our holiday in Thailand, and lots of 21sts, gigs and even a surprising number of going away parties to attend!

Lazy post, some of my favourite tattooed ladies from my recent browsing...

Of course Kat made it...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Outskirts 09

William St in Northbridge is kicking off Perth Fashion week with outskirts- over 50 events, pop-up-stores, exhibitions with lots of fun-stuff in general.
Also there are MAGNETS!!! Yeee!
My hot friend and I went yesterday to check it out, but not a lot was open yet, and i forgot my camera, so my bf and I popped along today to check it out again!

We had the best coffee at the newish bar 399, and the guys running there are so rad it's not cool... I did take photos where he didn't look bored, but the one where I look best clearly wins.

This was one of them :)

Not really, but he is from this awesome book on Namennayo Cats I got on ebay this week!

I like hats.

I like denim.

I like lightbulbs.

Hello Bone Phone!

Lunch at the Moon. I love the Sara Moon horse on the wall.

I sneezed. (at PiCA).

I had an awesome day. I got a vintage silver blouse for $5, and 10 of the magnets. Neat.