Monday, May 25, 2009

some pretty pictures

photos from my polaroid (i'm still working it out!).


  1. I wish I had a polaroid!!!!
    The fridge words gave me a chuckle :)
    Are they paper cranes I see in the last one?
    I love origami goodness! I plan to make heaps of them and suspend them from the ceiling!

  2. yeah i have a mountain of them cos i went crazy with them for christmas- they were my tree decorations. so they are kinda scattered around my house!
    The polaroid is sooo much fun, but it's so expensive for each photo, which makes it hard to really get used to the exposure.
    I'm glad you're back on top of you're blog- i'm off to catch up!

  3. Awesome! I scored a Joycam today for $4 :D