Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anthropomorphism... i likes.

I do enjoy a spot of anthropomorphism in the morning...

Andrew Brandou

Dominique Mitchelson

Victorian scraps.

In other news, i'm booked in for my next tattoo :) hopefully i'll have the design ready by next week... oops. happy long weekend!



  1. Oh, I can ask you a favor? Do you mind if I make some badges with this pictures? *.*

  2. I'm enjoying all of these. But something about Dominique Mitchelson 3 pics up there are pulling at my heart strings. I know what what I'll be doing the next hour or so...looking up that artist. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks guys

    andrea- Yes, isn't Mitchelson amazing? I fell in love with her work on a trip to Outre in Melbourne... Visit the Outre website, it's kickass and has good info on her :)

    Maca, unfortunately they aren't my images so I can't give you any kind of permission to use them... I can however give you the webisites they are from if you want to follow it up.

    The victorian scraps were listings on ebay by this seller.

    cheers guys

  4. Dear Jen, thank you very much :)

  5. great images! Can't wait to see the new tattoo!