Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sooo I haven't had a hell of a lot of time for opshopping lately, but here are a few of my favourite things from the last month!

Retro Dymo label maker full of spools with lots and lots of different colours! I'm not really sure if it's worth anything, but I do like it!

A brownie I bought for my bf- he really likes old cameras- I think it's adorable. I'm not sure if it works or not, if anyone has any advice on using it that would be great :)

A great retro metal tray (bargain, $4), my new ugly(in a good way, of course) S&P shakers, cheap tuppaware and my new bowls! After I bought the tray, I went into a vintage shop with it tucked under my arm, and the lady behind the counter offered me $40 for it- thanks but no thanks :)

Vintage faux fur- $25 but toally worth it because it's very warm and well fitted!

I'm fairly sure this belonged to a granny, which is great, because I got it for $4 and I think it's fairly fashionable :P Maybe not when I wear it though, because i'm a big dag.

A very cute dress I found for my friends little girl!

I love little red riding hood, so I had to buy this from the salvos- even though it has just been refitted and now they charge $20 for practically every bit of clothing. Grr.

I'm not sure where my lovely friend/bfs sister found this, but i'm glad she thought to give it to me :) I'm not sure if it's purely decorational or if it has some use, but it's teeny tiny and adorable.

To new mirrors, $6 each. A bit pricey, but i've seen them for more in vintage stores and i've wanted one for a while!

I've been re-arranging my study to fit in this great desk I got for $25 :) I'm pretty happy, it was jus what i've been looking for for a few months! It's dwarfed a bit in this photo by my faaaavourite purchase this month....

Ahhh. So bad it's good, I fell in love with this the moment I saw it... She reminded me a lot of Sara Moon. Just not sure where to put her now!

I'm looking forward to hitting the circuit again this monday, hopefully i'll have more to share soon :)


  1. First of all, I'd like to say thanks for all your wonderful comments! And don't worry, I tend to go through someones blog and find that time to comment each and every post. :) I just get too excited about things!

    * The Dymo label maker - AWESOME! I have one that was $5 from the newsagents and it's total crap. Don't make them like the 'old days'.

    *The camera - sigh. :)

    *That floral tray - Total envy over here, but why would you offer to pay $40 for it? Silly lady. I'm glad you kept it for yourself.

    *Salt and pepper shakers - they truly are the good type of ugly!

    *Red riding hood cup - beautiful!

    *Deer...thingy - you should totally turn this into a brooch or necklace pendant.

  2. Such beautiful finds, wow, amazing!!! :D

  3. Thanks guys :)
    Yay for me indeed. Yeah the label maker is really great, and the spools themselves are bright and colourful, although i'm not sure they have the same sticking power as they once did :)
    But the mechanics of it are great!
    It's weird, the deer thing, because it's like a tiny tiny plate, yet i'm not sure it's light/small enough for jewellery.

    cheers guys!

  4. Oooh red riding hood is super cute!
    and the tray is fabulous!! Very cool.
    You did very well :) Little bit jealous

  5. The box alone of the labeler is win.

    (Sorry I don't comment more, Pennie)

  6. ugly in a good way is the best! I love the shakers and that incredibly beautiful mug