Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i can be tatty, too

I've been a thinking about what tattoo i'm going to get next...
Initially i was thinking something vintage, like a bird, or a boat, or perhaps even a replica of one of my granddads old tattoos.

But now vintage tattoos are EVERYwhere, i'm not sure it will mean as much.

I'm tending towards an animal theme, ie deer, wolves and foxes. But i want something REALLY different to the usual ideas google throws up :P obviously i'd prefer to draw it myself, and i'm pretty sure i want to stick with simple black lining.

Anyhoo, i've been getting some inspiration from these images:

And some amazing childrens book illustrations:

John Bauer- She kissed the Bear on the Nose

I particularly like this wolf by Warwick Goble.

John Bauer- The Castle of Rosy Clouds

These illustrations brought to mind the work of some of my favourite artists, maybe i could pay homage to them, or perhaps just use them as an influence...
Like Kiki Smith...

Or Amy Sol?

Orrrrrrrr Miss Van?

Whatever I get, i know i'm going to deliberate over it for aaaages.
I might end up going for a super kitsch unicorn jumping over a rainbow ;)

Feel free to let me know what you think about any of these ideas...


  1. love the picts! esp the Bauer one, castle in the sky...