Saturday, February 7, 2009

little red

My obsession with finding cool wolf images has culminated in a huge search for little red riding hood...


Pretty paper doll by woolandwater

Beautiful cutout by
Elsa Mora.

Turns out she has been the inspiration for some really beautiful imagery.

I'm enjoying the different representations of the wolf...
I wish he didn't end up dying.

Also led me to some really interesting artwork by maya.bird on flickr. Check it out...


  1. Oh I love Elsa Mora! I really love that tattoo there also...I'm trying to design one..I too want a really nice black outline design...I love colour tattoos, but I know I'd get sick of the colours after a week or so!

  2. Her work is amazing :) tell me about it, i've been trying to design my 2nd one for about a year.
    outline tattoos rock... although ems new tattoo is super colourful and kicks ass.