Tuesday, February 3, 2009

new new news

I'm a bit lazy, aren't I?
Havent posted in a while... but I have been busy spending money :P

Some opshop and ebay finds from this week:

I think my favourite find was the handmade bag I found for $1... oh and the awesome retro brown dress... It was slightly more expensive but it fits like a glove :)

My new (old) 'Where's Wally?' puzzle that i bought to make some badges.

I particularly like the hungry sharks, pirate flags and half of Wally...

A pleasant surprise, my mum brought me these beautiful vintage books from her recent trip to Tasmania.

I think that the illustrations are perfect for next years christmas cards...

If only... I hadn't forgotten to set an alarm for my ebay bids!
I could have had these babies...


Atleast i don't have to bid on these...

On pay day i'll be purchasing one right from Shonah's site :P

I'm favouring the swan... it helps that it's on sale :D



  1. The jigsaw puzzle badges are a great idea! Hairclips would be cute too :)
    Awwwww that little deer! What a pity it got away:(
    Lovely bird necklaces too.

  2. Good eye with the shopping! Makes me want the shopping bug to get the best of me. I'll behave for now...maybe

  3. hehe thanks.
    i know, i was so sad about the deer... might have to try making my own!
    I can't wait to get my hands on the swan necklace though...