Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the awesomeness begins

Hi there little lady fellows. I'm jen.
I'm a 19 year old art student with a big shaggy black dog and a penchant for all thing vintage. I'm obsessed with writing lists, art, deers, the word vagina and... junk. Hopefully i'll be sharing a few more of these things :)
Things that i'm bound to write about:
-cool websites i stumble across
-art and artists
-ebay and opshop findings

I get bored of blogs that post a million photos of the blogger, without any kind of filler or... interest! They can be pretty to look at, but also sometimes a taaad self absorbed.
I hope that my blog doesn't come off this way... i just want to share things that interest me with other people who share similiar interests. I want to kill time and give myself an outlet BESIDEs ebay, because i'm spending far too much money on there.
thats alllllll.

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