Sunday, January 18, 2009

Opshop hopping...


My bf and i both had a day off on friday, and seeing as though we wouldnt be able to make it to the retro flea market today, we decided to spend the day opshopping.
We travelled out to Kelmscott and Armadale, with a list of about 6 shops, in the hopes of finding those mysterious magical opshops that hadn't been raided or become way overpriced like the ones in freo.

The first store we went into was a Salvos, my favourite, and straight away i found two pretty cool bags for $3 and $6.

Then i found an awesome Bambi picture book from 1973 in amazing condition (for 20c) that I hadn't seen before on ebay or in any opshops. I have a bit of a bambi obsession, btw. I collect bambi books, jewellery and kitsch bambi/deer s&p shakers and figurines.

Anyway, like i said, this one is i perfect nic, and has the sweetest illustrations...

However, we do seem to have this weird pattern of luck, where the first opshop we go to seems to bestow us with cheap awesome things, and the next 5 we might go to are less rewarding. It happened when we went to rockingham and got our awesome couches aswell.

So yes, it was kind of downhill from the first shop, and it was 42 degrees, but i still enjoyed myself. From now on I might just quit while i'm ahead!

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