Friday, January 23, 2009

hug junk

i found some magical junk that you can hug...

Aaamaaaazingly awesome Fauna Goldifsh necklace by Paraphernalia. Amaaazingly good value, also.

Flying duck brooch by Michelle Vandermeer at Keith & Lottie.

This is a beautiful tattoo I saw while... searching for cool tats. Odd. I found it a while ago, so i'm not sure how active the site is- but she had made an awesomely cute red fox plushie that matched. Big Love.

This beautiful collage by the ever wonderful Beci Orpin over at Outré.
And-yay for Beci Orpin -these great pieces that are now availiable(yay again) as gift cards at Keith & Lottie.

and if i could have them all i would :)

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  1. Hello! Just discovered your lovely blog! Noticed that you've mentioned deer, bjork, and Angelique in your posts,and thought "SQUEEEEE!!!!" Will be following from now on!