Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...Deer me.

Hinson & Company

Deer heads make me queesy- I mean, as awesome as a mounted deer head might look in the prefectly decked out vintage room, the fact stands that it would mean the death of one of my favourite animals. And then the stuffing of one of my favourite animals. As much as i love Rowdy from scrubs, it seems a little too morbid.

That's why when i found one of these sweet things, i was more than thrilled.

He now sits above our faux fireplace, occasionally making noises and casting these wicked symetrical shadows.

I love him so much - he's made me look into other forms of deer headressery- and there are some amazing interpretations of the real thing out there, whether that be in interior design, art or fashion.

I found these images particularly inspiring.

TamarMogenforff's beautiful hand sewn deer head, among her other gorgeous creations.

Beautifully papered, resin deer head by Rubyslounge at Etsy.

The use of the mounted deerhead trophy in contemporary art- as seen in Juztapoz.

Similiar to the plywood version that i own, i love the way this plastidermy piece by scienceandsons slots together to become 3d.

This photo of Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes posing with antlers is very beautiful and inspirational.

Similiarly, I find this quirky design from Benjamin Cho very endearing in terms of the contrast between the models and the deer's head. Also, it reminds me of bjork, and she makes me happy.

Finally, this remarkable piece, Travelling Through the Dark(2006), by Sörine Anderson, which rendered me speechless.
All of these images make me want to research the symbology behind deer heads, in particular antlers, so that i can use the imagery in my own work.

I couldn't leave out this print, by probably my favourite artist, Kiki Smith.


  1. Real mounted deer heads are so tacky. But wow! you found some great alternatives that just might second think of hanging a deer head on the wall. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow that Anderson piece is amazing.

  3. don't forget dr seuss!