Monday, March 23, 2009

I was too depressed looking at my last post, so I deleted it... Eek.

I've got a lot of updates to come- I've been mental on the thrifting the last few days, and hopefully I'll have time to show you in the next few days! I've got records, books, cannisters, tuppaware, kitschy art, figurines and dresses galore, as well as an extremely exciting find which needs pictures to show how freeakin weakid it looks!!!

I'm quite busy at the moment working 5-6 shifts a week plus the planning of a new business opportunity which I am very ASSITED about :) Gosh, not to mention our brand spanking new playstation 3 which can be somewhat distracting... :P

PLUS one of my lovely friends has just had a beautiful baby girl(Violet Elizabeth, cutest name ever or what?) who i got to visit on the weekend, and my bfs cousin just had a baby boy (Bailey, unless she changes her mind) who I shall be visiting tomorrow hopefully :) So cute. SOOO hopefully i'll have time for more updates in the next few days.



  1. Sounds like things are somewhat hectic! Looking forward to photos of "the find" though!

  2. Busy busy busy, don't forget to breathe! I'm looking forward to it too. You kind some great finds when you thrift.

  3. thanks guyyys... i may be overexcited about it so i hope it's not tooo disappointing :P