Friday, March 13, 2009

To cover or not to cover...

Before and when I got my tattoo- as small and unintrusive i find it now- people asked "but what about..." job interviews, your grandparents and... gawsh, your wedding?
Well... I'm not too fussed. In terms of job interviews- well, firstly, most of the people in the cafe industry in Freo, where i work, have tats. Secondly, my ultimate job would BE a tattoo artist, or something similiar to do with visual arts and tattooing, so i don't think my teeny tiny one would be too unusual.

In terms of grandparents- well my granddad is covered in sailor tattoos (they rock btw) and my nanna is more than happy to believe that i draw my tiny paper plane on each time i visit.

But my wedding day? Hmm I hadn't really thought about it. I could always wear gloves, I suppose! Hehe, noo. I wouldn't want to cover it. I'm not sure it's a big enough deal... but then, what about when i get my next tattoo (which i surely will soon), and it's bound to be a lot bigger- will i want to cover it up on my "special day"(when and if i ever get married)?

I think if i've spent this long deliberating over what to get, I'll hopefully be pretty goshdarn happy with it when i get it- and if that's the case, then why shouldn't I incorporate it into my overall look on the day?


Anyway, I've been thinking about this because a) I'm really excited about getting my next tattoo, and my bf getting his new tattoos, and b) something Em mentioned here. How she had always had really grand plans for her tattoos but was patient enough to wait until after she had her special day.

I think that was a really smart decision, because she obviously had a whole image of the way her wedding should look in her mind, and if you see Ems tattoo's, you'd probably understand why they might distract from a dress! They are beautiful, bold and colourful tats. At the same time though, when i think of her in a wedding dress now, with her tats, I think they would look SO friggen hot thats it's not funny! She should dress up in a wedding dress and take lots of photos just to please me, muahaha.

Annnnyway, i've been checking out some hot brides to reassure me that everything is oookay...




  1. I reckon, flaunt'em! They are a part of you, and whoever is marrying you loves you for all that!
    The photos are great- and the redheaded bride looks HAWT. Go for it i say!

  2. Naaawww you are too cute :D Yeah, I have 2 whole sides to my personality, my bad-ass tattooed, punk-rockin' retard self & my pretty, pink, fluffy, fairy princess of a spaz. I am so glad I had that version of my wedding, that I always wanted- and waited til afterwards for the tattoos- and just so you know, we're gonna have a pretend do-over for our anniversary this year, just for kicks :P Go hang in a park or something in our wedding gear, have a picnic, take some awesome photos of me bouncing around and getting dirty in my shall be somewhat hilarious :D Hopefully I'll have more tattoos by then too!