Monday, March 30, 2009

my favourite find...

Hmm whatever could be hiding in this snazzy bag? i wonder...

Oh, what's this?

Wow, a polaroid, with it's orginal flash!

Wow and it's orignal manual and a flash bar!

Tehe, i was so giddy when i found this. Only $25!!! I've picked up a couple of polaroids for a few dollars each since, but i've never seen one like this, in it's original case with all the special bits and original flash. I'm fairly sure it's worth a bit more than $25 as it's in perfect working order and harrdly scratched. Check out the manual drawings-

Now i can look just like her :P

I'm definately keeping it because you can load the 600 film into it pretty easily. I'll sell the ones i found yesterday though- two land polaroids without flashes- but i also found a really sweet thunderbirds camera which i really wanna keep.

(I was too lazy to take a photo, but this is exactly what it looks like! But you should check out the website i sourced it from: makingthenoise. the link is in my sidebar- it's full of really interesting photographs from lo-fi cameras such as this one. it's sexy)

I'm not sure if it's a sought after collectors item(it's marked 1993) but i'm fairly sure it's genuine, and i love the retro look of it, even if its not worth the $3 :P

So yeah.... it's been pretty exciting thrifting this week. My bf also found an old atari and original nintendo- vintage gaming, whoot. I find it so exciting to think of other items, like my new polaroid, that have obviously just been sitting in someones cupboard for 30 years, waiting to be loved.

Maybe i should start collecting cameras? WOW imagine if i found a bambi camera :) amazing.


  1. What a result ! I love polaroids and the one you found looks really good. Just check before you put any 600 film inside that you might need to use a ND filter. This is because (if i'm not wrong...) those cameras were made to use the SX film which has an diferent ISO.
    Get all the information with polaroid experts here:
    See you around !

  2. omg
    a poloroid!
    i wish i can get my hands on one of these
    no fair

  3. poloroids always makes a heart happy :D

  4. WOW, polaroid! I want too xD you're so lucky!


  5. i ordered polaroid camera too, but it hasn't arrived yet:(
    Lucky girl!!1 :)

  6. thanks guys... i'll have to put the polaroid shots up when i get access to a scanner :)

  7. I'm so jealous! Lucky gal! These are so damn cool!