Sunday, March 15, 2009

That'll do Pig...





Louise (har)

I'm not sure how I feel about the live tattoed pigs... or the dead ones for that matter. Branding to the extreme perhaps?

In other news, we made $140 selling at fleamarkets today (breakfast costs subtracted- Em and ST brought us some maccas breakky!).
Now, to buy more things that I don't really need with the profits.


  1. Hmmmm.... I know that many training tattoo artists practice on the hydes of dead pigs, as it is apparantly similar to human skin to work with.... pigs? That's plain cruel. I really hope the "live" looking ones are just taxidermy specimens who were inked AD! *shudder*
    Very interesting post!
    Congrats on yr selling success and the resulting spend-fest you're about to embark apon :)

  2. Yes, it seems like an unneccasarily extended version of branding, which is already something i don't see as a crucial form of identification in this day and age.
    But there may be some farmers who disagree with me there!
    I just found it interesting because I have seen a lot of people tattooing on pig skin, and it's such a reversal to see it actually on the pig, as well as the irony of treating the pigskin as a material (ie leather) before it's actually off the pig- it would definately make people think twice before buying a leather jacket or a LV bag.

    Also, thanks :P Unfortunately i broke my bfs expensive headphones yesterday so my cut of the sweet sweet profit may be used to replace those :P

  3. How bizaar! Never knew that, it is a unsettling thought to have...tattooing a pig.

    Bummer about breaking your bfs headphones :(

  4. im not liking that idea.
    at all.
    tats on live pigs?
    isnt it enough they're slaughtered for bacon
    leave the pigs alone