Friday, March 27, 2009

Thrifting through the week!

Alright! So i finally got my slack ass around to posting my opshop finds from the last few weeks :)
They excite me... in a sexual way. No but... in a nonsexual yet awesome way. cough. i shall continue. I may or may not be delerious from too much work... never you mind that.

This is a long post, so hold onto your hat(s?).

Let's start with the hot dresses i picked up: please not that although the walls in my house are quite alluring, these dresses look much better on a living person. :D

This one has a surprisingly cool neckline when on... and i bought it from the dearest old lady in the church opshop :)

This dress was a little more expensive but it looks like sex with my giant brown belt and matching raybans (not real, if i could afford raybans i probably wouldn't thrift my own vintagewear!).

This dress is amaaaazingly awesome in the way that the neck material falls annnd it's super flattering aaaand it just looks funky- but unfortunately my wide, ready to bear children hips, make it a bit too snug on me :(

Pretty lil anchor buttons! Seriously, i think i would marry this dress if it was legal. Maybe i should look into that...

This very retro dress looks a lot better when pulled in at the waist :P

I couldn't resist the thick fabric and cute buttons on this one- but it looks a lot bigger than it is so i'll be selling this one on i think...

Sweet but a bit of rockabilly kickass.

Oooooh i found these amazing dr martins that will fit my 4 yr old sister! they are so adorable, i can't wait to give them to her.

More stuff-

My luffly work friend bought be these s&p shakers for valentines day so i was overjoyed when i found the following item- for a dollar! yay.

More homewares- I thrifted these vintage cannisters from the local flea markets:

The sweet horses were a couple of bucks each from a salvos :)

I've had my eye out for a pyrex jug like this for a while so i was pretty happy when i found this one for 50c. I love the retro cannisters and tuppaware too- but the clear winners are the corn cob picks shaped like corn- it's just pure class.

Tehe, i'm pretty obsessed with anything bambi, so this biscuit barrel was a nice surprise. It's not as cute as the one i bought on ebay (below), but it was a lot cheaper!

Does ebay count? :P I bought this willow tin on ebay- along with some cake baking tins- too match the larger one i found at an opshop last year. Joy.

This aristocats game from the 70's made me pretty happy- but it wasn't complete... this may be a good thing though as it encouraged me to use the pieces it did contain to make adorable brooches...

As game pieces...
And below, berlioz as a brooch.

Mass book attack! I got two more cheapo bambi books for my collection, as well as some vintage golden books and nursery rhymes, and a kitsch book on saints.

Terrible last photo, but you get the idea- terrible kitsch art and a retro looking flying swallow.
All in all it was a good few weeks :)

I forgot to take photos of some of the ridiculous vinyls i bought so i'll do another post for those... as well as my mystery item which deserves it's own post, because i'm too tired now to do it justice!

oh and i just remembered, i also bought a vintage game of operation! very cheap, and i know it's from the 70's because the doctor on the front is smoking! Hehehe. Evil doctors.

LOVE and sorry about this extremely delayed, drawn out post!


  1. Wow! You certainly did well! I ADORE the "aristocat" brooches!!!!!! So very cute.
    Hahahahahahahah re: the smoking doctor! Brilliant.
    Damn! I want to go op-shopping now!

  2. Man, when you go out to opshops you leave with a bam! What luck you ran into with awesome dresses. Vintage games? how cool are they!?! ah, soo many goodies

  3. Sah-weeeet! Oh how I heart the blue polka dot dress & bunny print, eeee, bunnnnniiiiesss! :D

  4. Oh wooooow
    I'm envious of all your vintage finds, those dresses are to die for! Especially the orange and white one - I think I want to marry it too.

    Are you planning on selling that one too? If so please point me to your store! :)

  5. i'm planning to get a store up and running hopefully within the next month :) I'll definately keep everyne updated on my blog anyway :P
    thanks for the interest.