Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm so lazy... I've had a busy week, and i've been camping, and and and i've run out of excuses :P

Here are some interesting/lovely things that i've found to fill space until I finish an interesting blog.


I found this amazing doiley at a sweet old lady's garage sale for $2. I also got a cute little one with embroided pink umbrellas... pretty.

My bfs gran gave me this awesome bowl as well... she's very sweet as well. I love the history that old people attatch to their possessions- the kind that you imagine for yourself when you buy things from opshops :P

Pretty girl i found at the Pinjarra sunday markets when we took a break from camping :P

Awesome records from salvos.

Nice little teacups from Salvos as well. Perfect for brooches and earrings!
That is all...
I'll do better I promise. Tehe.

P.s The new season of flight of the conchords is rocking my socks.


  1. Oooh how I love op-shopping! Those record covers are pure gold!

    Flight of the conchords are hilarious! And kinda cute too methinks :)

  2. I'm definately in love with Brett's dress sense, and yet I find Jemaine strangely alluring :P